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Pokédex Intimidate. On switch-in, this Pokemon lowers the Attack of adjacent opposing Pokemon by 1 stage. Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Scrappy, and Pokemon behind a substitute are immune Intimidate. On switch-in, this Pokemon lowers the Attack of adjacent opponents by 1 stage. Rattled. This Pokemon's Speed is raised 1 stage if hit by a Bug-, Dark-, or Ghost-type attack. Quick Feet. If this Pokemon is statused, its Speed is 1.5x; ignores Speed drop from paralysis. Untiered Intimidate. いかく. Game's Text: The Pokémon intimidates opposing Pokémon upon entering battle, lowering their Attack stat. In-Depth Effect: Upon entering battle, the opponent's Attack lowers one stage. In a Double Battle, both opponents' Attack are lowered. Pokémon with the Clear Body, Hyper Cutter, or White Smoke ability are unaffected

Dicționar dexonline. Definiții, sinonime, antonime, conjugări, declinări, paradigme pentru intimida din dicționarele: DEX '09, MDA2, DEX '98, DLRLC, DN, MDN '00. Influence Opponent's Attitude. You can use Intimidate to force an opponent to act friendly toward you for 1d6 × 10 minutes with a successful check. The DC of this check is equal to 10 + the target's Hit Dice + the target's Wisdom modifier. Success: If successful, the opponent will: give you information you desire Intimidate is a debuff that causes the affected target to take 10% increased attack damage. 1 Sources 1.1 Items 1.2 Mods 1.3 Passive skills 2 Version history Intimidating CryIntimidating CryWarcry, AoE, Duration, PhysicalLevel: (1-20)Cost: (13-19) ManaCooldown Time: 8.00 secCan Store 1 Use(s)Use Time: 0.80 secRequires Level 10Performs a warcry, taunting nearby enemies to attack the user and. The Galar Region Pokédex listing all known Pokémon found within the regional Pokédex and available in Pokémon Sword & Shield on Nintendo Switc You are about to leave a site operated by The Pokémon Company International, Inc. The Pokémon Company International is not responsible for the content of any linked website that is not operated by The Pokémon Company International

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  1. Effect. When this Pokémon enters battle, the opponent's Attack is lowered by one stage. In a double battle, both opponents are affected. This ability also takes effect when acquired during a battle, but will not take effect again if lost and reobtained without leaving battle. This ability has no effect on an opponent that has a Substitute
  2. Effect. When this Pokémon enters battle, the opponent's Attack is lowered by one stage. In a double or triple battle, all adjacent opponents are affected. This ability also takes effect when acquired during a battle, but will not take effect again if lost and reobtained without leaving battle. This ability has no effect on an opponent that has.
  3. Back to the content 'Intimidation (Dex)' Refresh. asd #22 - anon id: 7b4c4deb . Reply +45 [-] He was particularly good as Ragdoll on The Flash. #48 to #22 - lulusaurus . Reply +1 [-] Why is the guy in the chair really chill with what's going on? #55 to #48 - xdeathbeastx . Reply +1 [-].
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  5. Categorie: Dictionar juridic (dex) Comentarii. 18. intimat - persoană chemată în judecată în faţa instanţei de apel sau de recurs prin folosirea căii de atac de către partea adversă ori de procuror. În calitate de intimat poate apărea inculpatul sau partea responsabilă civilmente, în apelul sau recursul declarat de procuror sau de.

PocketMonsters.net is a fansite dedicated to all things Pokémon (ポケモン) and Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター Define intimidate. intimidate synonyms, intimidate pronunciation, intimidate translation, English dictionary definition of intimidate. tr.v. in·tim·i·dat·ed , in·tim·i·dat·ing , in·tim·i·dates 1. To make timid; fill with fear: The size of the opposing players intimidated us. 2 Intimidating Cry has been added to the game as skill gem. 3.2.0: Introduced to the game (granted from Farrul's Chase Farrul's Chase Slink Boots Quality: +20% Evasion: (565-664) Requires Level 69, 120 Dex Trigger Level 20 Intimidating Cry when you lose Cat's Stealth (110-150)% increased Evasion Rating +(50-70) to maximum Life 20% increased.

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A decentralized exchange or DEX is a place where people can go to trade cryptocurrencies without an intermediary. To better identify what a decentralized exchange is, it's important to first understand how centralized exchanges work Str 16, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 19. Base Atk +3; CMB +6; CMD 16. Feats Antagonize, Intimidating Prowess. Traits Bully, Fiend Blood (Intimidate The Player's Handbook has a collection of these instances where you could apply different Ability modifiers to skill checks such as: Swimming or running for endurance rather than speed could be made as a Constitution (Athletics) check. Intimidating someone with your Half-Orc muscles could be a Strength (Intimidation) check Intimidate Moxie Disgust: 3: 300: 239: 145: 189: 873: 101ms 39 queries: 42ms ©1999 eevee/lexy munroe • pokémon ©1995 pokémon, nintendo, game freak, creatures. many thanks to these amazing contributors • icons from fugue set • country flags from famfamfam. source.

Check You can change another's behavior with a successful check. Your Intimidate check is opposed by the target's modified level check (1d20 + character level or Hit Dice + target's Wisdom bonus [if any] + target's modifiers on saves against fear). If you beat your target's check result, you may treat the target as friendly, but only for the purpose of actions taken while it remains. Intimidate. On switch-in, this Pokemon lowers the Attack of adjacent opponents by 1 stage. Rattled. This Pokemon's Speed is raised 1 stage if hit by a Bug-, Dark-, or Ghost-type attack. Quick Feet. If this Pokemon is statused, its Speed is 1.5x; ignores Speed drop from paralysis. RU What is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)? An online peer-to-peer service termed as a decentralized exchange is the one by which direct transactions of cryptocurrency are allowed between two parties involved in the process. The aim of decentralized exchange (DEX) is to solve the inherent problems of centralized exchanges. They directly develop the p2p markets on a blockchain, allowing independent. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Magic Items. A comprehensive list of all official magic items for Fifth Edition

National Dex is a unique format that strives to make Galar mechanics work with every single Pokémon, including those that have been cut from the Pokédex. This also means that cut moves, Z-Moves, Mega Pokémon, Primal Pokémon, and more are legal. This metagame is led by Jho, Avery and a council of experienced players. The metagame has a. Intimidating Prowess - add Strength to Intimidate checks in addition to Cha; Trait; The Flexing Arm (Faith Trait:Kurgess) use strength instead of dexterity to escape artist checks; Wrecking Wrath (Religion trait) 1/day add str to dam a second time; Items; Belt of Mighty Hurling, Lesser: use strength to hit with thrown weapons instead of dex

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Let's Go Dex: Gen VI Dex: Gen V Dex: Gen IV Dex: Gen III Dex: Gen II Dex: Gen I Dex: Pokémon Game Picture: National No. Hoenn No. English name: Japanese Name: Ruby/Sapphire. 130 053 Gyarados ギャラドス Gyarados FireRed/LeafGreen. Ability: Intimidate: Upon Gyarados' Entry in Battle, all opponent's Attacks are lowered Emerald. Gender Ratio. Thanks for the feedback. I guess you're right that Scaled Fist synergizes better with intimidate and while the Str. based build can at least take Intimidating Prowess to compensate, it's hard to do so with the Dex. build. Honestly, I might just wait for rogue finesse training to be fixed and then go dual kukri or something along those lines Pokémon that can have the ability as their Hidden Ability: No. Pic Name Type Abilities Base Stats HP: Att: Def: S.Att: S.De

The opposing team gains an intimidating leer with sharp eyes. The opposing team's Defense stats are reduced. 10: Odor Sleuth----40--Enables a Ghost-type target to be hit with Normal- and Fighting-type attacks. It also enables an evasive target to be hit. 12: Helping Hand----20--The user assists an ally by boosting the power of its attack. 17. Dex Scion. Early-game anti-suffer advice: take Tartuccio's Crossbow and make him use cantrips in the prologue. Keep a dagger on you in case you will need to burst something with Shocking Grasp He was particularly good as Ragdoll on The Flash. - #199801866 added by sirlorge at Intimidation (Dex Whitepages is the authority in people search, established in 1997. With comprehensive contact information, including cell phone numbers, for over 275 million people nationwide, and Whitepages SmartCheck, the fast, comprehensive background check compiled from criminal and other records from all 50 states.Landlords use Whitepages TenantCheck, which is designed expressly for screening rental.

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a intimida (third-person singular present intimidează, past participle intimidat) intimida in DEX online - Dicționare ale limbii române (Dictionaries of the Romanian language) Spanish Verb . intimida. Informal second-person singular. joe is 3 intimidation bc she's the sweetest person on the planet but also she's bri'ish so a proper rager innit lookslikeleese. What you talking about you cheeky cunt xxxx. jo talks ask games lease <3 1 week ago • 13 notes ask-dex liked thi Pokemon Showdown Gen 8 National Dex. A few of your move and Pokémon choices are quite questionable. For starters, Talonflame sucks if it's not ORAS, and even then you need a Tran answer. 2. Change Blissey to Heavy-Duty Boots and Natural Cure than Leftovers and Healer respectively. Change Moveset to: 3. Change Gyarados's ability to Intimidate

Dexterity measures agility, reflexes, and balance. This ability is most important for rogues, but also for characters who typically wear light or medium armor (barbarians and rangers) or none at all (monks, wizards, and sorcerers), or for any character who wants to be a skilled archer. Saves: The saving throw to which the dexterity modifier is added is reflex. Skills: The skills to which the. POOCHYENA is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This POKéMON tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out. FireRed LeafGreen: It has a very tenacious nature. Its acute sense of smell lets it chase a chosen prey without ever losing track. Emeral Mount - Griffon Trisdi was born a little over a hundred and twenty years ago, though she never knew her parents, She was abandoned at an orphanage on the outski Dex 17, Rapid Shot, BAB +6: Shoot two arrows simultaneously: PZO1110: Martial Dominance: Combat: BAB +5, Intimidate 1 rank: Intimidate with martial training and on critical hits: PZO1134: Martial Focus: Combat: BAB +5 +1 damage with weapons from chosen weapon group: PPC:WMH: Martial Mastery: Combat, Human: Martial Versatility, fighter 16, huma INTIMAT - Consultare dictionare pentru limba romana: DEX - Dictionar explicativ, sinonime, antonime, ortografic, arhaisme, regionalisme, etimologic, neologisme. Cautarea se face dupa forma baza sau forma flexionara, cu sau fara diacritic

Intimidation Pokémon Color Red Cry Download Footprint Shape Sciurine Height. 15. 4'11.1 1.5 m Weight. 963. 212.3 lb 96.3 kg Locations. Ridiculously detailed breakdown; Moves. Ground and Dark moves get STAB, and have their type highlighted in green.. TIMORÁT, -Ă adj. stăpânit de teamă, intimidat, speriat. (< fr. timoré , lat. timoratus ) timorat (Dicționar ortografic, ortoepic și morfologic al limbii române, ediția a II-a revăzută și adăugită, 2005 Dictionar juridic (dex) Dicţionar juridic online de drept penal şi procedură penală, drept civil şi procedură civila, drept comercial, administrativ etc. Dicţionar explicativ (dex) cu definiţii pentru termeni specifici terminologiei juridice. Găsiţi rapid o definiţie hide dex* intimidate type ac bonus max dex check penalty spell failure speed weight special properties weight check penalty spell failure special properties armor/protective item lift over head equals max load light load heav

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1 Background 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Abilities 1.2.1 Strengths 1.2.2 Weaknesses 1.3 Personality 1.4 History 2 Game History Ripped from here With a perpetual scowl on his mustachioed and bearded face and standing at 6' 5, Ronon Dex has quite the intimidating appearance. Ronon tends to wear brown clothing and is fond of trench coats. One glance will tell you his clothing is pretty shabby but he he. Dex Flavor Text; Shield Sword Stadium2 Transfixing prey with the face like pattern on its belly, it binds and poisons the poisoned victim. To intimidate foes, it spreads its chest wide and makes eerie sounds by expelling air from its mouth. X おなかの もようが こわいかおに みえる。 よわいてきは そのもようを み. [9.1.3] Intimidate ----- Intimidate is an iffy skill. You need at least four ranks just to become a WM; but, whether or not you continue taking ranks in that skill is dependent on the world designer. Intimidate is really only useful if conversation options have been built around it (like Persuade)

Competitive Movesets for Incineroar in Pokemon Sword & Shield (SS) ♦ Flare Blitz is a physical STAB-boosted 120-base power Fire-type move (has 33% recoil. 10% chance to burn. thaws Incineroar). ♦ Fake Out is a physical priority-increased 40-base power Normal-type move (hits first. first turn out only. 100% flinch chance). ♦ Parting Shot is a status move (lowers target's atk, special. Action: Using Intimidate to change an opponent's attitude requires 1 minute of conversation. Demoralizing an opponent is a standard action. Try Again: You can attempt to Intimidate an opponent again, but each additional check increases the DC by +5. This increase resets after 1 hour has passed

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DEX 1631. VIT 1002. INT 1709. AGI 1004. MND 1843. LUK 100. Skills. Language comprehension. Super analysis. Manners LV15. Taijutsu LV23. Intimidation LV22. Abnormal condition resistance LV19. Fire attribute LV36. Water attribute LV30. Light attribute LV30. Darkness attribute LV29. MP automatic recovery speed increase LV24. Increased magic attack. Acrobatics (Dex) Acrobatics measures your ability to perform tasks requiring coordination and grace. When you use the Escape basic action, At the end of the conversation, attempt an Intimidation check against the target's Will DC, modified by any circumstances the GM determines. The attitudes referenced in the effects below are summarized. Intimidate is an ability that, upon entering the battle, lowers the opponent's Attack stat by 1 one stage. If the user is in the lead spot of your party, then the rate of encountering wild Pokémon whose level is at least 5 levels less than that of the user is cut in half

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Landorus is a legendary Physical Sweeper. It was designed to take down the opponent's team with brute physical power. Life Orb boosts the power of Landorus's damaging moves by 1.3x but it then loses 1/10 its max HP immediately after the attack. With Intimidate, on switch-in Landorus lowers the attack of adjacent opponents by 1 stage Balance DC 1. Add modifiers from Narrow Surface Modifiers, below, as appropriate. Only if running or charging. Failure by 4 or less means the character can't run or charge, but may otherwise act normally. 7-12 inches wide. 10. Uneven flagstone. 10 2. 2-6 inches wide Edited for clarity. In all seriousness though OP - the only reason to go dex based is if you are going for astronomical AC. Your build has neither the Int (for CE) or the monk splash to attain this AC while TWF. Therefore, it is highly in your interest to go Str based instead of Dex (and it saves you a feat as well) Intimidate +20: Passive: +20 Competence bonus to the Intimidate skill. Good Luck +3: This item gives a +3 Luck bonus to all saves and skill checks. Seeker 12: Provides a +12 Enhancement bonus to confirm critical hits, and a +12 Enhancement bonus to critical hit damage (before multipliers are applied) Intimidation (Cha) WISDOM Investigation (Int) Medicine (Wis) Nature (Int) Perception (Wis) Performance (Cha) Persuasion (Cha) Religion (Int) Sleight of Hand (Dex) Stealth (Dex) Survival (Wis) HIT DICE DEATH SAVES NAME ATK BONUS DAMAGE/TYPE Total SUCCESSES IDEALS BONDS FLAWS PERSONALITY TRAITS ARMOR CLASS CURRENT HIT POINTS TEMPORARY HIT POINT

Isle of Armor Dex: #178 Krookodile Abilities: Intimidate (1) | Moxie (2) | Anger Point (H) Type: Ground / Dark Items: Black Glasses (5% Chance) EXP Group: MediumSlow Egg Group: Field Hatch Cycles: 20 Height: 01.50 m, Weight: 096.3 kg, Color: Red Evolution: Sandile > Krokorok (Level 29) > Krookodile (Level 40) Krookodile Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield: This Pokemon requires the Isle of. Poison. Effect Spore. 30% chance of poison/paralysis/sleep on others making contact with this Pokemon. Regenerator. This Pokemon restores 1/3 of its maximum HP, rounded down, when it switches out. UU. HP. 114. Atk Category:Intimidate +22 items. Intimidate +22: Passive: +22 Competence bonus to the Intimidate skill. Spiked: On Damage: 10% chance of dealing an additional 10d6 Piercing Damage. Raging Focus: While Raged, +4 Rage Bonus to Saves vs. Enchantments. Vengeful Fury: On Taking Damage: Gain a 12% Enhancement Bonus to Doublestrike and a +4 Rage Bonus. Open Game Content (place problems on the discussion page).; This is part of the 3e System Reference Document.It is covered by the Open Game License v1.0a, rather than the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.To distinguish it, these items will have this notice. If you see any page that contains SRD material and does not show this license statement, please contact an admin so that this license.

Pokédex Inner Focus. This Pokemon cannot be made to flinch. Immune to Intimidate. Past gens Gen 7 8: This Pokemon cannot be made to flinch. This Pokemon cannot be made to flinch Skill Synergy. It's possible for a character to have two skills that work well together. In general, having 5 or more ranks in one skill gives the character a +2 bonus on skill checks with each of its synergistic skills, as noted in the skill description. In some cases, this bonus applies only to specific uses of the skill in question, and. The combination of Leaf Blade and Scope Lens lets Kartana apply insane offensive pressure, with the 50% critical hit chance letting it devastate any threat and ignore Intimidate from Incineroar and Landorus-T. Sacred Sword is nifty for hitting the likes of Kyurem-B and Heatran Has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1 stage. Contact (affected by many abilities like Iron Barbs and moves like Spiky Shield) Bite (boosted by Strong Jaw). Past gens Gen 3 4: 20% chance to lower the target's Sp. Def by 1. 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1

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  1. Abiltiy 1: Intimidate Ability 2: Overgrow Hidden Ability: Analytic Stats: 85/99/94/122/105/95 (Can use Eviolite) Movepool: Everything Bulbasaur Gets + Shadow Ball + Destiny Bond + Will-O-Wisp + Calm Mind + Trick Or Treat + Hex + Shadow Claw + Shadow Sneak Name: Cheryl Sprite: Serperior Typing: Fairy/Fighting Ability 1: Fluffy Hidden Ability: Moxi
  2. Arcanine Intimidate Flash Fire Justified HP 90 Atk 110 Def 80 SpA 100 SpD 80 Spe 95 BST 555; Baltoy Levitate HP 40 Atk 40 Def 55 SpA 40 SpD 70 Spe 55 BST 300; Blaziken Blaze Speed Boost HP 80 Atk 120 Def 70 SpA 110 SpD 70 Spe 80 BST 530; Carkol Steam Engine Flame Body Flash Fire HP 80 Atk 60 Def 90 SpA 60 SpD 70 Spe 50 BST 410; Centiskorch.
  3. Dex'zartz. June 5 at 10:32 PM # inosukehashibira Process Screenshots # medibang # kimetsunoyaibafanart # demonslayer # fanartchallenge June 5, 2021. Dex'zartz. June 5 at 11:29 AM. Back Doing # fanartanime again. Here's Inosuke trying to intimidate Kamabuko Ganpachiro.

5th Edition Character Sheet. Create and save a character sheet for 5e D&D to use in your campaigns. You can assign it to a campaign if you create or join one, for your DM and other players to see hide dex* intimidate cha jump str* listen wis move silently dex* ride dex search int sense motive wis spot survival wis swim str* use rope dex ( ) * ARMOR CHECK PENALTY APPLIES (DOUBLE FOR SWIM) alchemy int animal empathy ch Intimidation. When you attempt to influence someone through overt threats, hostile actions, and physical violence, the GM might ask you to make a Charisma (Intimidation) check. Examples include trying to pry information out of a prisoner, convincing street thugs to back down from a confrontation, or using the edge of a broken bottle to convince.

hide dex* intimidate cha size max dex speed skill skill name modifier key ability ability modifier ranks misc modifier cross-class skills max ranks / language read/write? language read/write? arcane spells divine spells psionic powers item wt. item wt Intimidation; Claws; Equipment. Red Lantern Power Battery; Weapons. Red Lantern Power Ring; Notes. Dex-Starr was first mentioned in Wizard #205. Trivia. According to Shane Davis Dex-Starr was created to be the strangest thing he could draw vomiting, This cute fuzzy animal Geoff Johns describes him as the most sadistic and malicious of the Red. Feats are special abilities of each character, further setting them apart from comparable builds. Feats often have a number of pre-requisites that must be met in order to select them during level ups. How often a character is allowed to choose a new Feat depends on his Class. Ability score prerequisites for a trait can be met by using equipment. E.g. a character with 8 DEX can learn Dodge. Used a dex mutagen to bring my dex up to 20 for my ranged attacks. #12. saice. Oct 3, 2018 @ 5:53pm Originally posted by Captain Morganism: I run Vivisectionist as my main, and my build is very similar to yours, except I do Elf and take martial weapon prof. for the Elven Curved Blade that is a two-handed Finessable weapon with an 18-20 crit.

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Feats 5e. +1 in Cha., advantage on Deception and Performance checks, mimic the speech of a person or the sounds made by a creature. +5 to initiative, you can't be surprised, and creatures you don't see don't gain advantage on attack roll against you. You learn one cantrip and one 1st-level artificier spell (cast without slot), proficiency with. Builds in Solasta: Crown of the Magister are recommended sets of stats put together by a combination of Classes, Weapons, Armor, Features, and Skills.This page contains builds created by the Fextralife Team, as well as some builds that were contributed by the Fextralife community. This build guide provides an idea for players to start with to be able to create the best-suited build for them Browse 289 indian lesbian stock videos and clips available to use in your projects, or start a new search to explore more stock footage and b-roll video clips. Portrait of lesbian couple relaxing and smiling at each other spending time. Two beautiful girls, women relaxing and smiling at each other

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  1. DEX: 110-130 ; LUK: 1 ; Weapons: Carded Bows or Bazerald. This build is fairly popular. High DEX for divest and fast cast time, moderate to high INT for large sp-pool and damage with spells. Although the build doesn't leave much room for VIT, they can balance it with INT/DEX for less spell damage or cast time in favor of resistance/durability
  2. Seek: Directed by Michael Weatherly. With Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Pauley Perrette. In Afghanistan a Marine sergeant, a dog handler, dies of a single round, said to have come from a Taliban sniper; his widow tells Gibbs about her doubt and the reason; Gibbs and company investigate and solve, then Gibbs arrests the shooter
  3. National Dex OU team. 0 votes . 549 views. Krookodile (M) @ Metronome Ability: Moxie EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Power-Up Punch - Darkest Lariat - Earth Power - Outrage . Staraptor (F) @ Choice Band Ability: Intimidate EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Brave Bird - Close Combat - Return - U-turn . Azumarill (F.
  4. Helmets is an item class of armour pieces that can contain up to 4 sockets. (Item level may affects the max socket, which can bypass by crafting bench recipe that obtainable from the Azurite Mine). 1 Types of helmets 2 List of Helmets 2.1 Armour Helmets (Strength) 2.2 Evasion Helmets (Dexterity) 2.3 Energy Shield Helmets (Intelligence) 2.4 Armour/Evasion Helmets (Strength/Dexterity) 2.5 Armour.

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  1. Dex Online - dictionar explicativ roman este transpunerea pe internet a unor dictionare de prestigiu ale limbii romane. DEX Online - dictionar explicativ roman este creat si intretinut de un colectiv de voluntari. Definitiile DEX Online sunt preluate textual din sursele mentionate, cu exceptia greselilor evidente de tipar
  2. I'm not talking about an 8 in Dex, however, maybe a 10 is good enough? Looking at the Barbarians class features they get Danger Sense at 2nd level, which gives advantage on a whole range of Dex saves, making Dex less important for saves. They get Feral Instinct at 7th, giving them advantage on Initiative rolls, so an average Dex is compensated for in that regard as well
  3. Intimidation (Cha) WISDOM Investigation (Int) Medicine (Wis) Nature (Int) Perception (Wis) Performance (Cha) Persuasion (Cha) Religion (Int) Sleight of Hand (Dex) Stealth (Dex) Survival (Wis) HIT DICE DEATH SAVES NAME ATK BONUS DAMAGE/TYPE Total SUCCESSES IDEALS BONDS FLAWS PERSONALITY TRAITS ARMOR CLASS CURRENT HIT POINTS TEMPORARY HIT POINTS.
  4. Drop to 0 hit points or fewer, make melee basic attack as immediate interrupt. .+ 2 bonus to AC vs opportunity attacks you provoke during a charge. Resist 5 psychic.Resistance increases to 10 at 11th level and 15 at 21st level. Choose Fortitude, Reflex. or Will. You gain a +1 racial bonus to that defense

Here we list each Pokémon in the Alola Dex, their abilities, and their evolution methods, as well as their location within Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! This includes all the new Ultra Beasts and Legendaries, and notes on the version exclusive Pokémon. Pokémon are ordered by number. Hidden Abilities (HA) are listed in italics Normal / - 0′ 04″ / 0.5 lbs Guts / Intimidate. Habitat: Common. It has very little respect for authority, and makes itself look as scary as possible, despite its diminutive size. Large Pokémon tend to especially fear them, as they will quickly climb legs to find soft spots to attack. Move sample Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch. Contact (affected by many abilities like Iron Barbs and moves like Spiky Shield) Bite (boosted by Strong Jaw). Past gens Gen 1 2: Type: Normal Dark 10% chance to make the target flinch. 30% chance to make the target flinch Evasion: (565-664) Requires Level 69, 120 Dex Trigger Level 20 Intimidating Cry when you lose Cat's Stealth (110-150)% increased Evasion Rating +(50-70) to maximum Life 20% increased Movement Speed (40-50)% chance to avoid Bleeding 20% increased Movement Speed while you have Cat's Stealth A secret is a weapon your enemies do not have